Canada’s Recovery Plan

What is Canada’s Recovery Plan?

It is a plan to secure Canada’s recovery from the pandemic.

To get the economy back on track.

To bring back jobs.

To get spending back under control.

To tackle high prices (especially home prices) and fight inflation.

To get serious about the mental health crisis in our country.

To secure our independence from other countries for the things we need in an emergency.

Canada is a community. Our goal is the common good of all Canadians: a society where everyone can fulfill his or her potential. Our goal is to release the human spirit and potential of individual people, families and groups. To nurture, mobilize, and encourage generosity, individual talent, patriotism, and sense of community. And to provide the framework for a more sensitive and powerful means of protecting and supporting the deprived and vulnerable.

You can read the full Conservative Party election platform here: Canada’s Recovery Plan

Take Action

Secure the future, help elect Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives and get Canada’s economy back on track.

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